The FIJI House

  • The FIJI House sits on 10 acres of pristine land in South College Station. The property consists of a 9,000 square foot Lodge used for social events, 5,000 square foot facility used for chapter meetings and building projects, and a fully lighted basketball court. 


    The Ballinger Lodge is the newest addition to the FIJI property. After a record setting capital campaign, the Fraternity broke ground on the historic addition to the complex during Summer 2018. The Ballinger Lodge is a 9,000 square foot facility that features a large social room for events, entertainment room, spacious outdoor pavilion, and much more. The Ballinger Lodge is named in honor of Dr. Richard H. Ballinger, the Alpha Mu chapter's first Purple Legionnaire. The lodge is exptected to be completed in December 2018. 


    The Alpha Mu "Good Bastard" Bar runs adjacent to the social room in the Ballinger Lodge. The Good Bastard Bar recoginzes the members of the Fraternity when we received our official Phi Gamma Delta charter in the Fall of 1979. Over the years, the charter members have generously donated their time, energy, and resources to facillitate the housing needs of our chapter. 


    The Founding Fathers Legacy Deck is a gathering space located above the Alpha Mu Good Bastard Bar. The legacy deck is named in honor of the Alpha Mu chapter's 14 original Founding Fathers. Their commitment to the chapter over the years has been essential to the success of the Fraternity. 


    The Havens Family Club is a 2,000 square foot air conditioned entertainment room inside the Ballinger Lodge. The Havens Family Club is named in honor of the Havens family, who graciously donated many items to the entertainment room. The club features large TV's, arcade games, pool tables, and much more. 


    The Doyle A. Graham Entertainment Center is an area within the Ballinger Lodge used for Fraternity events. Complete with a stage for live bands, and a state of the art speaker system, the entertainment center is fully equipped to host any event. The area is named in honor of Brother Doyle A. Graham, a longtime supporter of the chapter. 


    The Epsilon Pavilion is a 2,000 square foot outdoor patio adjacent to the Balligner Lodge. The Pavilion is an exansive space leading into the backyard that is used for events. The pavilion is named in honor of the Epsilon pledge class of the Alpha Mu chapter. 


    The Kreston, Moss, Booher (KMB) Memorial Patio is an area between the Ballinger Lodge, Currie Barn, and the Basketball Court that was filled with crushed limestone and a fire pit. The patio is named in honor of three of our fallen brothers- Andy Kreston 80', Captain Edward Moss 81', and Travis Booher 92'. 


    The Currie Barn is a 5,000 square foot multi purpose facility where our chapter conducts Fraternity meetings. The barn is named after the Currie Family, who generously helped with the financing and planning of the facility.


    The Kiella Workspace is an area within the Currie barn used as workspace for building projects. The workspace bears the name of John Kiella, who through the years has been a large supporter of the Chapter and was an essential member of the planning and financing of the Currie Barn. 


    The Randy West Chapter Room sits in the back of the Currie Barn, and is named in honor of Aggie FIJI founding father, Randy West. Over the course of the chapter's 30 year history, Mr. West has worked hard to ensure that the chapter he started would not only endure, but continue to grow and prosper. Mr. West was also a driving force in the organization and financing of the Currie Barn.


    The Lupe Reed Memorial Basketball Court runs parallel to the Ballinger Lodge; the court carries the name of a lifelong friend and supporter of the Alpha Mu chapter. The court was generously donated by the parents of the Alpha Mu chapter.


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