Ballinger Lodge Capital Campaign

  • Dear Brothers and Parents of the Alpha Mu Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta at Texas A&M,


    In 2009, the graduate and undergraduate men of the Alpha Mu chapter, with the support of parents, decided to pursue a major investment in the FIJI property. Through hard work and persistence, the FIJI’s developed a plan of action, and because of generous donations from parents and alumni, were able to construct the current FIJI Currie Barn. This facility met all the needs of the chapter in 2009: large social space, sufficient storage areas, and a chapter room that could accommodate all the fraternity’s business. 


    While the Currie Barn has been a tremendous resource, the fraternity has seen a large amount of change over the past 10 years and the chapter has almost doubled in size. Due to the successful growth of the chapter and lack of adequate space, the chapter is proposing a plan to expand our facilities.


    We are excited to say that the following two phases have been completed:

    • Phase I- Construct a brand new facility on the current footprint of the FIJI House that would be

      used for social events. It will consist of a large indoor social space with adequate new bathrooms, a sound system, entertainment room, and a stage. It will also include a spacious outdoor pavilion leading to the backyard. This building will be named The Ballinger Lodge in honor of FIJI Brother, Dr. Richard H. Ballinger, our first Purple Legionnaire.

    • Phase II- Renovate the existing Currie Barn and expand the chapter room so that the chapter can fit comfortably and conduct fraternity business. This phase would also transform the current social space into a workspace for building projects. This phase will take approximately two months to complete.

    As we adjust to our new Ballinger Lodge and renovated Currie Barn, we look forward to the next phase of completing smaller projects around the Fiji property. Our next three projects consist of the following:
    • Constructing a privacy fence for the backyard- Similar to what we previously had, an 8ft wooden privacy fence would close off the backyard. The fence will help keep noise down and secure our backyard.

    • Reaffirm and expand the caliche driveway- This project would reaffirm low areas of the driveway and expand it to create designated parking spaces. The chapter would like our brothers and guests to enjoy a smooth ride to the lodge and have plenty of space to park their vehicle.

    • Building a lean-to for storage of chapter property- All of our trailers, wooden walls, and our BBQ smoker currently have nowhere to be stored and they sit exposed in the elements. This leads to accelerated deterioration of our chapter possessions that are used for tailgates and social events. This lean-to built off of the current storage container would be an essential addition to our property.

    As a chapter, we are sincerely grateful for the support we have received and look forward for the next generation of undergraduate men to continue to grow and develop the chapter.


    Not for College Days Alone,


    The Men of the Alpha Mu Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta



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  • Progress from June 2018-April 2019:

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